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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update 9th November 2020

Little Eaton Playschool

Coronavirus Policy (COVID-19)

To all service users of Little Eaton Playschool.



This policy applies to all employee’s, children, parents and service users of Little Eaton Playschool (social care, police, fire and rescue services and any other person wishing to gain reasonable  access  to  the  Playschool - this  list  is  not  exhaustive of all users  defined).


Purpose of the Policy

  • To protect all employee’s, children, parents  and service  users  of  Little Eaton Playschool from encountering Coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • To meet the welfare and care needs of the children who attend and all others who have access.

  • To ensure that the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 remains at a minimum risk.


Playschool Closure

At anytime that is it is felt necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the health and safety welfare of all employee’s, children, parents and service users we will continually assess the risk factor of keeping the Playschool open as a viable option, and may so at any time, revert to a closed status, with no children permitted on site, to a partially open status, where Playschool places may well be limited to, but not excluding, vulnerability, age, need of care, critical key worker status of parents, special educational needs (SEND), children whom have an EHCP plan in place, children in care and children who have a social worker allocated to them already and due to staffing and space restrictions.



We are closely monitoring and gathering information from the Public Health England, The Department for Education, our Local Authority and any and all guidelines delivered and updated through official government sources constantly to ensure that we have the most up to date information and work place practises concerning the spread and containment of COVID-19.


This includes all training and delivery methods to all employee’s, and we reserve the right to make changes to this document to uphold guidance of safe working practises and delivery methods for the early years education sector.


Employees and Playschool

  • Each employee will have an in-depth meeting to ensure that they know the new policy and to cover all questions they might have.

  • All employees have also completed Prevent COVID-19 training to further their knowledge on the current situation.

  • Should employees present with symptoms they have a duty of care to inform their line manager and Committee at their first available opportunity and without unreasonable delay.

  • Employees are always advised to practise strict hygiene and cleanliness procedures:

  • Employees must wash their hands at regular intervals for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and warm water.

  • Employees are advised to cough or sneeze into their elbow when a tissue or other vessel cannot be reached in time and are then to always wash their hands afterwards.

  • Employees are advised to avoid contact with others, excluding children, such as handshakes and are to maintain a social distance of 2 meters (6ft).

  • Employees are to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and face whilst on the premises and whilst children are in their care.

  • Employees must wash all their uniform at the end of each day ready for their next shift. This must include the cleaning of all appropriate footwear.

  • At snack, nappy changes/toileting help and any other close contact with the children, staff will be required to wear the appropriate PPE equipment as supplied.

  • Both the kitchen and toileting/nappy changing areas will be regularly cleaned and sanitised during the day by all employees.

  • Employees are only permitted to bring one small bag, if necessary and a coat. No other items from home shall be permitted during this time.

  • Employees will only be permitted to bring lunch in a disposable container. No duel use or multiple use containers/vessel will be allowed on the premises.

  • Employees will not be wearing face masks/coverings as part of their normal interactions with the children as we’ve been advised from the Department for Education and Local Authority that this is not recommended. We will however have face masks and visors on the premises for emergency situations (if a child becomes unwell and needs immediate close contact care, if a member of staff becomes unwell, if a member of staff deems it safer to do so i.e when taking a child from a parent etc).

  • Employees are required to wear face masks/coverings during the drop-off and collection of children.

  • At the end of each day, all employees must clean and sanitise all surfaces, toys, fabrics, toileting areas, outdoor equipment, ready for the following days usage for health and safety measures.

  • We will reduce toys that are difficult to keep sanitised e.g. sand, water, dress up clothes, soft furnishings, playdough (unless children have their own named bowl) etc.

  • All areas within the nursery will be cleaned thoroughly throughout the day.

  • Only disposable towels/wipes, provided for us, will be permitted for use whilst on the premises.

  • All door handles will be sanitised every hour.

  • We will move around in a group no bigger than 12 and children will go out into our gardens and grounds as often and for as long as possible.

  • Windows will be kept open as much as possible.


Parents, Children and Visitors

  • For the safety of everyone, children will only be permitted to attend one setting at present.

  • Please be aware that your children will meet both staff members and other children attending Playschool during the session times. Although every measure will be taken to ensure that your child has minimal contact with others, children of the early years age group will inevitably want to hug and touch others through play or when needing comfort. Therefore it is vital that not only we adhere to best practise hygiene policies throughout the day, but that parents can also support this by changing their children into different clothing when they return home and placing that days clothing in the wash. If your child needs comfort, our staff will comfort them and will do their absolute best to make sure that all their social, emotional and wellbeing needs are met whilst in attendance.

  • No prams, scooters, bikes, toys or any other items from home are to be left at the Playschool at any time.

  • Only one parent/carer may come at any one time to drop off/collect your child and to wear a face mask/covering during this time.

  • We do ask that at all times, you respect our employees and other parents, children etc with any social distancing measures that we put into place.

  • All parents, children, third party associates and service users must adhere to guidance when within our site, for example staying 2 metres away when dropping off / collecting your child and waiting for an employee to collect / bring your child, wearing a face mask/covering.

  • If you require to talk to the staff regarding your child’s attendance, a telephone consultation will be arranged for you. Alternatively, you can contact us at littleeatonplayschool@gmail.com.

  • Once your child has been collected, please leave the premises immediately and do not remain outside of the building for any other reason.

  • When children arrive they will wash their hands straight away before entering the rooms.

  • Children will be actively encouraged to wash their hands after every activity or after playing in a specific area. We will use water and hand soap for this with a minimum wash time of 20 seconds per child, demonstrating good modelling behaviours for the children to see best practise when doing this.

  • After an activity/toy playing session has ended, all equipment/toys shall be cleaned after every use and where possible soaked in sterilising fluid e.g. Milton.

  • Should you or an another adult present with symptoms within your household, then you have a duty of care to inform us at your first available opportunity and without unreasonable delay.

  • If your child has any symptoms, then they must not attend. We ask that you are vigilant with this matter. Parents are encouraged to get their child tested.  If a positive test is recorded Playschool will have to close for 7-14 days.

  • If your child becomes unwell or shows any symptoms whilst at Playschool, we will call you and they will need to be collected immediately. They will wait outside (where possible) with a member of staff and must isolate at home for at least 7 days. If the temperature/cough persists then they will need to isolate for a further 7 days. Our decision is final on this matter and we will be extremely cautious.

  • We will be monitoring children at all times and will carry out temperature checks at any time if we feel it is necessary.

  • If paracetamol or ibuprofen has been administered to a child in the previous 6 hours they cannot attend Playschool.

  • There will be no show rounds taking place during our working hours. If any parents wish to discuss taster sessions and viewings please contact us on via phone or email to discuss.

  • Once your child’s bag is at Playschool, it must remain here and not be taken home in between sessions. If your child needs a change of clothes you will be given the soiled items back and be asked to bring some clean clothes in.

  • Snack Menus may be limited to what we are able to access. We will of course do our best and serve each snack in the child’s individual playschool bowl.

  • Children must bring lunch in a disposable named bag.  If you wish your child to have a drink with their lunch it must be in a disposable container.  Children will be offered milk and water throughout the day.

  • Playschool will open at 9.00am finishing at 4.00pm.


Thank you once again for your cooperation and support during these extremely difficult and challenging times.

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