Playschool's Daily Routine

This is just a brief description of our daily routine, some children thrive better when they know what is going to happen next, however you know your child best!  These are just suggestions and ideas and the times are approximate. 

Our ethos has and always will be quality learning through play therefore playing with your child, asking open ended questions and allowing your child to use their imagination playing alone will be just as useful. 


As you all know children come at 9am hang up coats and bags and put lunch boxes on the shelf then we encourage them to find their name tag which is on top of the drawers (each child has their own name label which has a picture on relating to the first letter of their name (i.e. Aaron Apple).  Children then enter the playroom and post their names in our post box, you could carry this on at home by putting a few different names on the side and seeing if your child recognises theirs.
Once we are inside the children go straight into free flow play we have lots of different activities out such as some small world play like the cars and garages, some dressing up and role play like the doctors kit, something relating to maths like a jigsaw puzzle or a number game, some mark making such as paint or crayons and paper and a 'Wow' activity which could be anything from playing with cornflour to a make a shift farmyard with all the animals set up nicely in the tough spot with different textures such as cereal or real straw we also have the garden open with bikes and cars (weather depending) so the children can free flow and choose where they would like to play. You could have one of these activities out at a time for your child/children and rotate during the day.


We start a rolling snack which is something small like a crumpet, toast or some fruit. We incorporate maths into this by asking the children to count out the cups and plates using simple adding and subtracting visual sums. Some of the children also like to help tidy up after snack so they help us with the washing up which can be fun and give them a sense of responsibility. After snack we go back to free flow play.



Around this time we tidy up and encourage the children to help us too, we have a song we play on Alexa called "The tidy up song - by Sticky Kids" (if you don't have an alexa you could find this on YouTube) the children love this as it makes tidying up a bit of a game they like to see if they can have the whole room tidy by the end of the song. After we are tidy we sit down on the mat and see if the children can recognise their coats. Then we go outside usually in the big garden and open up the Wendy house, get the slides out and get more bikes and cars out. You could play games outside with your child such as 'What time is it Mr Wolf?" which incorporates maths through counting and time.


After playing outside we come in wash hands and sit down for lunch. During lunch time the children are encouraged to access their own lunch (age appropriately) this is an ideal opportunity to talk about the different foods, fruit and vegetables that we have to eat.



After lunch we have a group story.  We let the children choose or sometimes Mrs Hiley will make up a story herself using props and involving the children, which always go down with great success. We also use this time to sing songs, again letting the children choose their favourites and also fill this time with discussions about what the children have been playing and generally let them talk about anything they want to.


After story again we access indoor and outdoor play and change the activities around from the morning.



Then again we have snack, which is something small, this time we tend to stick to fruit or vegetable sticks. Then we go home!


Obviously we have not included our assessments and observations.  Any activity that your child does when not at playschool that you would like to post on their learning journey would be amazing.  Staff will have some access to this and they will enjoy seeing what the children have been up to and they will be able to link it to the EYFS.


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